What I see

I’ve been ‘on the internet’ since 1988 when it was known as Bitnet.
Today TCP/IP technology is part of every thought in my head, my career and my family.

I’m not really comfortable blogging. The internet with all social features is generating a ridiculous amount of unhealthy me! me! me! and the use of ‘I’ in the title of this page makes me uneasy.

The role which create an manageable I-we equilibrium for me is the Jester, the licensed fool. I  enjoy reading Albert Camus.

That said, the internet provides all necessary functionality for we! – to reach out, to support,  to help, to share, to inform.

I  have countless people to thank for sharing wisdom, knowledge, insights and laughter.

So, here’s to the crazy ones,  hoping that I may inspire and help in the same way as so many have done for me.




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