Adobe and HTML5

Adobe wallaby logoSo, Apple devices using iOS (iPad, iPhone…) doesn’t support Flash in the Safari web browser. It does support HTML5.

Steve want’s you to use the App store, he does not like Flash.  Google wants you to use the webM video format in HTML5. A lot of people want to use open standards in HTML5.

Adobe feels the potential stress of developers leaving the Flash / CS5 environment and suddenly they say “Hey, we love HTML5!” The way Adobe does it is very cleaver.

Adobe provides  a Flash-to-HTML5 converter – ‘Wallaby’ – which takes the source FLA file as input. This means that you still have to author your app using Adobe’s CS5 environment and tools, then you can publish as a standard Flash SWF-file for embedding in a webpage, and export the app as HTML5 code using Wallaby.

The thing is that developers will still be using Adobe products and technology, and will be able to publish a Flash/SWF file in parallel with the HTML5 version. Adobe stays in the game.  More details at Adobe Labs


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