A Facebook web browser. Makes sense

Facebook’s ambition is to become the backbone of all social activity on the Internet. They ruthlessly and recklessly exploit our basic human need to be someone, to be seen, to belong to a group of friends and to be part of something. I exited Facebook last week.

Next step will most likely be a Facebook web-browser, and  Google should be worried. Gilad Avidan at www.smorepages.com writes about the concept..

As Facebook becomes the social platform of the internet, a custom browser is the next logical step. What this means for the online landscape, and why it helps Facebook disrupt Google’s main revenue channel: targeted search advertising.

No more toolbars or a plugins. When you use the Facebook browser you are always on Facebook – every page, every site, every activity.

Full  text at http://www.smorepages.com/facebook-browser


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Media asset management – whoa!

During summer 2011 we had Cinegy Media Asset Management system installed in our TV-studio.

Cinegy’s marketing department definitively needs some help . The website is page after page of small print about geeky high-level technical features, a downloadable PDF brochure states that Cinegy is “An end-to-end infrastructure that can do whatever you want it to do”. Useless all together. It doesn’t say which problem it solves and what the benefits are.

See, what Cinegy does is … ingenious, and it makes file-based video production meaningful. The strange thing is that Cinegy doesn’t mention that.

For the record: I’m a Cinegy user, I’m very happy with my current job and I’m not getting any discounts – I’m just blown away by the sheer beauty of the solution.

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ONN – The Onion News Network

The Onion is one of my favorite destinations on the net.
The ONN, Onion News Network, does a fantastic job to keep things in perspective.
Enjoy this brilliant piece of satirical commentary on technology.

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Editing video with Sony Vegas Pro

I’ve been editing video with Sony Vegas Pro for almost 10 years now. During these years I’ve experimented with many different hardware set-ups for Vegas and want to share my experiences of how to get the optimal editing experience with Vegas – now in version 10.

“Why Vegas?” is a question I get sometimes. Why not Final Cut, Premiere, Avid, Edius… They are all good editors, they all get the job done.  It’s a question of habit and what you’re comfortable with. Sometimes, though, when I see others working in their editor of choice I think… well… with Vegas you would have been done by now. That’s the main thing for me – it’s very fast, it very rarely crashes or makes me loose work. It doesn’t get in the way, and very rarely complains about media thrown at it – and will export/render most formats.  Audio capabilities are outstanding, since the origins of Sony Vegas is an audio program – Sound Forge; a lot of audio editing workflow was applied to video editing.

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Great film about intellectual property

In order to own anything you need boundaries. Fence around the cows pasture, or DRM around your intellectual property. I find that Steal This Film II frames the intellectual property debate in a very clear and constructive way, and makes it possible to have a civilized debate about the many issues. And of course you can download all the footage and the interviews and make your own argument. Highly recommended. A++++++. Would buy again.

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Adobe and HTML5

Adobe wallaby logoSo, Apple devices using iOS (iPad, iPhone…) doesn’t support Flash in the Safari web browser. It does support HTML5.

Steve want’s you to use the App store, he does not like Flash.  Google wants you to use the webM video format in HTML5. A lot of people want to use open standards in HTML5.

Adobe feels the potential stress of developers leaving the Flash / CS5 environment and suddenly they say “Hey, we love HTML5!” The way Adobe does it is very cleaver.

Adobe provides  a Flash-to-HTML5 converter – ‘Wallaby’ – which takes the source FLA file as input. This means that you still have to author your app using Adobe’s CS5 environment and tools, then you can publish as a standard Flash SWF-file for embedding in a webpage, and export the app as HTML5 code using Wallaby.

The thing is that developers will still be using Adobe products and technology, and will be able to publish a Flash/SWF file in parallel with the HTML5 version. Adobe stays in the game.  More details at Adobe Labs

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Supercomputer for encoding video

The wait for files to encode to the computing-intensive H.264/AVC format seems to be over.

Asus has released a motherboard which takes one nVidia Quadro card and three additional GPU-only cards – nVidia Tesla – and provide a theoretical 4 teraflop of processing power from 960 CUDA cores. More on flops at Wikipedia

We have one of these in the studio now and there are GPU-enabled H.264 encoders out there, Sony’s AVC codec and Badaboom, so this will be interesting.

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